Mission Critical Installations

24×7 Support and Security

Rack, cage and suite colocation solutions

100% SLA on power

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Tier1 and Tier2 carriers

8 fibre owners

High capacity, low latency bandwidth

Technological flexibility

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24/7 Remote Hands

Rack and Stack services

Electrical and structured cabling installation

Data Centre Migration Services

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Neutral Internet Exchange Point

Redundant ethernet infrastructure

Private peering agreements

Ipv6 support

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Racks, footprints, cages and dedicated suites.

APC Netshelter Sx Colocation 42Us and 20Us racks

24×7 Remote hands service

High availability AC power services 16A/32A

Optional managed rack PDUs

High availability DC power services (-48V): 2 A, 6A, 16 A, 32 A, 50 A

MMR cross-connects with fiber, UTP and coaxial cabling options

Tier1 and Tier2 carriers

Towers and rooftop space for antennae installations

DVB and satellite services available at the rack


Access to Tier1 and Tier2 networks
Access to Tier1 and Tier2 carriers a step away form your IT infrastructure
Technological flexibility
Access to dark and grey fiber services, capacity transport, IP transit, peering one step away from your IT infrastructure.
Redundancy and security
8 fibre owners/operators
Secure cross-connects
Cross-connection services with UTP, bibre and coaxial cabling in dedicated, secure technical areas.


24x7 Remote Hands
Our expert team of engineers provides technical support and remote hands services 24×7.
Our team of experts install equipment and cabling at customer’s request.
Migration, intsallation and service transition
We help you to migrate, install and transition to the service operations stage
Managed Services
We provide managed connectivity services NIXVAL-IP a reliable, low latency connectivity service at cost-effective prices.

Our certified service operations team provides managed 24×7 network services covering autonomous systems, network infrastructure, security solutions, and operating third party solutions 24×7 on your behalf.


42U Rack
  • APC NetShelter SX 42U 600mm Wide x 1070mm Deep
  • Power: AC 2×32 Amps A+B
  • Rack PDUs ZeroU 32A 230V (20)C13 & (4)C19; IEC309
  • Energy: Flat Rate/Rated Energy1
  • Máximum Power2 5 kW
  • Cross-connects UTP, Fibra, Coaxial
  • DC Power: 6A, 16 A, 32 A, 50 A
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20U Rack
  • Racks APC NetShelter SX Colocation 2 x 20U 600mm Wide x 1070mm Deep
  • Power: AC 2×32 Amps A+B
  • Racks PDU, Basic, 1U, 16A, 208/230V, (12)C13
  • Energy Billing: Flat Rate/Rated1
  • Máximum Power2 2,5 kW
  • Cross-connects UTP, Fibre, Coaxial
  • DC Energy: 6A, 16 A, 32 A, 50 A
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Housing U
  • Racks APC NetShelter SX 42U 600mm Wide x 1070mm Deep Enclosure
  • Rack Power: AC 2×32 Amps A+B
  • Available power plugs: 2x C13 8A 230V
  • Energy billing: Flat rate
  • Maximum power: 250W
  • Connectivity: NIXVAL-IP only
  • DC energy not available for individual servers
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  • Mínimum 2 footprints; for a cage 32 footprints
  • AC Power (+100 €/month/kW)
  • Energy installation: under customer’s request.
  • Energy billing: Rated Energy1
  • Maximum power:2 7kW/m2
  • Cross-connects: UTP, Fibre, Coaxial
  • DC Energy: 6A, 16 A, 32 A, 50 A, other
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1 Energía tarificada a los precios vigentes en el centro de datos
2 Consultar instalaciones de mayor densidad


Why outsource a datacentre?

To reduce operational costs and transform an investment scenario where it is difficult to predict future requirements and needs to a flexible environment capable of offering mission critical infrastructure that adapts to your business. New IT requirements, such as the consolidation of IT assests, a higher computing density and the need for energy efficient IT, require a degree of flexibility and growth capabilities that only outsourced services datacentres can provide.

Why neutral colocation?

Neutral colocation is just the service of providing datacentre infrastructure while letting datacentre tenants choose the connectivity and service providers they want. The capacities for interconnection of different networks and services are today the key strategic component in choosing a datacentre strategy. Neutral colocation centres are therefore a great option to have a better service and flexibility, enhanced security and redundancy, and better costs.

NIXVAL is independant of any service provider that operates within our premises. We currently house dozens of telecommunication carrires, cloud , hosting and SaaS service providers.

With whom can I connect at the premises?

With all carriers present at the premises. Among others: Cogent Telecommunications, TeliaSoneraIC, Interoute, Abertis, Orange, COLT, Iberfibra, Jazztel, Balalink\Islalink, AgoTelecom, etc…

Telefonica’s MACROLAN and ORLA services are available as well.

Requirements to access interconnection services

The minimum purchase to access the interconnection service is a 20U rack. 

What is burstable bandwidth billing?

Burstable bandwidth billing is a bandwidth billing method that pemits to use the full capacity in a network port when it is required while paying recurrently only for a part of the available capacity.

Two concepts are used: the committed information rate (CIR), that is billed monthly at a known price, and the bandwidth burst rate (BR), that is added to monthly bill when a certain amount of usage (the committed rate) of the network port is exceeded.

This excess usage is calculated with the percentile 95 method, where 5 minute samples are collected during a full month, and the 5% values that show a higher bandwidth usage are discarded. The 95% percentile is the monthly usage rate that if it exceed the CIR is billed at a higher price, the Burst Rate.

To exceed the CIR, the bandwidth usage has to be over the defined value during more than 36 hours per month.

You can check more details in this wikipedia article:

What they say about us

An excellent datacentre with unmatched support services. Nixval has helped us from the start of our project, what has permitted us to implement a stable and highly escalable infrastructure.
- José Manuel Bedoya / Realoja -
Nixval has permitted us to move at business speed enabling us to grow with on-demand infrastructure services. Their technical and human quality has helped us to outperform our competitors.
- Pedro Raja Galian / Grupo SYS4NET -
A reliable datacentre is one that demonstrates it on a daily basis. NIXVAL has always been by our side even in the most demanding dircumstances offering us solutions that have never compromised our availability, and have always contributed to improve it.
- Daniel Rgz. Merino / Occentus Network -
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